Maraj Insurance Agency offers comprehensive home insurance coverage designed to protect your most valuable asset. Our policies provide financial security against a range of risks, including damage from natural disasters, theft, liability claims, and more. With Maraj Insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are safeguarded, so you can focus on what matters most.



Insurance Coverage expenses incurred following loss or damage to the Buildings by any of the insured perils such as:

  • removal of debris up to a limit of 10% Building of sum insured

  • reinstatement of the destroyed or damaged Buildings made necessary to comply with Government or local authority

  • Architects’, surveyors’ and engineers fees up to a limit of 10% of Building Sum Insured

  • Loss of Rent while your home is unfit to live

  • Alternative accommodation

  • Uninsured General House hold content 3% of sum insured up to a limit of $10,000.00

Liability Coverage Under Your Home Owners Policy

  • Liability for Domestic Employees up to Limit $100,000.00

  • Public Liability -Limit of 25% of Sum Insured with a maximum of $250,000.00

Accidental Damage to items stated within the schedule

  • Valuable, Personal Effect, Equipment, Out door sporting equipment as stated on the schedule-Limit of $10,000.00 with a deductible of 10% for each and every loss.

  • Spoilage of Food Limit of $1,000.00

  • Accidental Breakage of Mirrors & Glass limit of $1,000.00 Excess of 10% of loss

  • Accidental Breakage of Fixed Glass and Sanitary Ware limit of $1,000.00 Excess of 10% of loss

  • Accidental Damage to underground services system limit of $5,000.00 Excess of 10% of loss

  • Door Locks Limit of $500.00 Excess of 10% of the loss

  • Fatal Accident Benefit persons over 75 years Limit of $5,000.00

Personal Accident

This insurance covers you if you suffer Bodily Injury caused by an Accident, which results in Your Permanent Total Disablement with a limit of $10,000.00 and an Excess of 10%.


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